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Promoting effective learning and teaching is principal to our trainers. We understand that the relationship between the teacher and the child builds the base for the future development and achievement. We are also fully aware that a child’s behaviour can, at times, be challenging, and we will teach you to understand the motivation behind this kind of behaviour.

This course will help staff to improve the lives of people who display challenging behaviour as it is concerned with how staff can support children and young people to replace the behaviours with positive actions.


Learning outcomes

You will:

  • Understand children, their motivation and patterns of challenging behaviour
  • Understand why people defy
  • Understand how to help children handle anger
  • Understand how to encourage positive behaviour
  • Know communication and interaction strategies to use when challenging behaviour occurs
  • Know types and examples of learning difficulties that may affect behaviour

This course was designed to promote the use of positive behaviour management techniques by teachers. It provides them with an easy to follow rules and tips about implementing positive behaviour management strategies as they interact with children in the classroom. During this training, you will gain an understanding of the benefits of positive behaviour management and discover new and effective methods to positively support appropriate behaviour in your setting. This course will teach you what is challenging behaviour, what are the different triggers for it and forms of it, but overall you will learn about the ways to motivate positive behaviour.