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This course is designed for practitioners who are involved with people suffering from epilepsy. It will give you the basic knowledge on the main symptoms and effects of epilepsy and the importance of support you can give to the person affected by epileptic seizure as well as to take medication as directed by their doctor.

This course will also explore the different types of seizures and behaviour changes an individual may suffer from as a result of epilepsy.

Learning outcomes

You will:

  • Know what epilepsy is and what might be a trigger
  • Know how to recognise two main types of seizure and how they present
  • Know how to safely care for someone having a seizure
  • Know what documentation is required following a seizure

Course overview

During this short course, you will gain the basics in regards to epilepsy. You will learn about the states of mind, as well as the physical factors, that can trigger seizures, how to identify the signs that a person is going to have an epileptic seizure, and how to provide effective support to people during and after an epileptic seizure.