Food Safety

Food Safety level 2 is designed for nurseries and childcare settings to develop and understanding of how to prepare and store food safely.

During this course you will cover:

  • Understand the basic definitions concerning food safety
  • Understand the different types of hazards
  • Understand the danger zone
  • Recognise high risk and safe food
  • Recognise spoiled or contaminated food, including that being delivered
  • Recognise the symptoms of food poisoning
  • Understand bacteria and how to protect food from them
  • Understand food hygiene and keeping the workplace clear
  • Understand best practise for food storage and preparation

Duration: 3 hours (including breaks)


Audience: Any staff involved in food preparation or serving


Assessment: The course will be assessed by a short multichoice questionnaire


Pre-Requisites: No previous experience is required for this course, but learners must be over the age of 16.