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It is an absolutely basic skill for all practitioners in childcare settings to be able to meet a child’s individual needs. To do this you will need to understand the importance of carrying out effective, structured observations. This will allow you to know the child well and assess the development needs of a child. You will then need to demonstrate your knowledge through planning the next steps.

Are you a practitioner, who wants to understand how to support individual children’s learning and development? If you answered yes – we have a course for you.

The aim of it is to understand how to support individual children’s learning and development by observation, planning, assessing and ensuring clearly defined next steps.

Learning outcomes

You will:

  • Know prime areas of learning
  • Know specific areas of development
  • Know the importance of planning
  • Know how to observe and assess
  • Know the varying factors that shape planning
  • Know how to plan to support learning and development
  • Know the requirements of a statutory framework
  • Know methods for planning including next steps for learning
  • Know how to evaluate plans

Course overview

This course will teach you how to implement an effective observation, assessment, and planning cycle. This will limit your paperwork, save you time and help you to better in supporting your children.