Baby Training Course Handout

Baby Training

What makes babies unique?


  • All babies and children develop at a unique speed to them.
  • Development is a continuous and complex interaction between the environment around them and the genetic factors they are born with
  • A baby forms confidence and resilience from the support of others
  • Although there are ‘guidelines’ not all babies will meet these
  • A unique child will have different needs for their wellbeing

What are the Key areas of a baby’s development?

  • Building the capacity to learn
  • The formation of relationships
  • Creating roots for success





How can I create a stimulating environment?


Visually Audiology (hearing)


Bubble lamps



Glow in the dark and UV toys

Coloured objects

Black and white images (followed by red)


Singing and voices


Touch pad games



Treasure bags

Bricks and block toys

Water play

Sand play

Air toys (fans)




What courses can I do next?



  • Fire safety awareness
  • Fire aid
  • Food safety
  • Observation and planning
  • Child protection and safeguarding
  • Behaviour management and positive interaction
  • Anaphylaxis and autoinjector training
  • Health and safety
  • Epilepsy awareness
  • E safety