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The course will help practitioners gain an understanding of how to keep kitchen areas clean and safe during the preparation of food. The course covers the safety of the kitchen and explores preventative measures that can be put in place to avoid any contamination. It will study food safety and the legal responsibilities withinin food safety hygiene. 


    1. Understand how individuals can take personal responsibility for food safety 

    1.1 Identify the importance of food safety procedures 

    1.2 State how to report food safety hazards

    1.3 Recognise the legal responsibilities of food handlers and food business operators Food Handlers

  1. Understand the importance of maintaining personal hygiene 2.1 Recognise the importance of personal hygiene in food safety including its role in reducing the risk of contamination 2.2 Identify effective personal hygiene practices Understand the importance of keeping the work areas clean and hygienic 
  2. 3.1 Identify how to keep the work area and equipment clean and tidy 3.2 State how work flow, work surfaces and equipment can reduce contamination risks and aid cleaning 3.3 Identify the importance of pest control 
  3. Understand the importance of keeping food safe 
  4. 4.1 Identify the sources and risks to food safety from contamination and cross-contamination 4.2 State how to deal with food spoilage 4.3 Identify safe handling practices and procedures for storing, preparing, cooking, chilling, reheating, holding, serving and transporting food 4.4 Recognise the importance of temperature controls when storing, preparing, cooking, chilling, reheating, holding, serving and transporting food 4.5 Identify stock control procedures

There is no previous experience required for this course, but learners must be over the age of 14. 

You must have a good understanding of basic English and basic IT skills to navigate the online module.

The course will be assessed by a short multichoice questionnaire at the end of the online module in order to assess your knowledge and understanding.

This course will qualify you for a Level 2 Food Hygiene valid for 2 years

Other courses commonly completed with this course include:

  • Paediatric first aid at work
  • Safeguarding level 2
  • Emergency first aid at work (adults) 
  • Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

This course can be a qualification towards careers in:

  • Nursery nurse
  • Child practitioner 
  • Childminder
  • Teacher
  • Youth work 
  • Sports coach 

‘A good explanation of how to keep the kitchen safe’ Craig


‘A good course for my business’ Arthur


‘thank you for a knowledgeable course’ Lisa