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Mental Health at Work Level 3

Making your employees feel valued and supported will help them feel more motivated, proactive and productive. When you invest in the wellbeing of your team members, your business will thrive.

This online course is designed around the topic of mental health in the workplace. It will help you to discover what is mental health and how to recognise and help someone whose mental health is declining. It will explore common conditions such as phobias, eating disorders, depression, stress and anxiety.

We would also like to warn you this course does contain sensitive subjects such as suicide and PTSD.

Mental Health in Early Years

Mental Health in early years is a course designed to help promote the wellbeing of children within early years settings.

The importance of early attachment is essential to a child’s overall health and the course will explore the statutory requirements required by the EYFS for promoting positive mental health and explain strategies for dealing with poor mental health.



Behaviour Management and Positive Interaction in Childcare level 2