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Food Hygiene Level 3

This online Food Safety and Hygiene course begins by providing you with a thorough overview of food safety, taking you through the roles and responsibilities of a food supervisor.

You will learn about the essential elements of the food safety management system and discover the various food poisoning causes. The skills you develop in the learning process will enable you to prevent foodborne infections, detect and prevent food contamination and protect customers from foodborne illnesses. You will be able to avoid diseases from poor hygiene and stay compliant with the law.

Maintaining food safety is crucial for both the home and food industries. Therefore, this course will benefit anyone working in food business services or trying to maintain food safety at home.

Food Safety Level 2

Our Food Safety Course is constructed to give you a comprehensive comprehension of the legal responsibilities and best practices, with an elaborate introduction to food storage, food preparation, hazard control and personal hygiene.

Food safety and food hygiene in the UK is highly monitored by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). Suppose you are the owner or manager of the business. In that case, you are responsible for monitoring all aspects of hygiene and food safety levels, including kitchen surfaces and equipment, refrigerators, dining areas, and more. All your staff workers who handle food in your business must receive training in food hygiene and have to reach an expert level perfectionist in HACCP, cooking, temperature control, and so on.

So, if you are one of those restaurant workers or individuals who are contemplating endorsing yourself with the advanced knowledge and methods of food safety and hygiene, then fuss no more! As our Food Safety course has got you covered.

In our Food Safety course, the learner will comprehend the significance of food safety. The learner will also get familiar with vital food safety legislation, various types of food contamination and how to control the contamination, understand the concept of food poisoning, and identify food spoilage and its reasons.